CORE has implemented several projects in Odisha, India, which have brought about positive changes in the lives of rural communities and marginalized sections of society. Some of the impacts of our work in Odisha include:

Access to education: CORE has established schools and provided support for existing schools in rural areas, providing access to education for children who may not have had the opportunity to attend school otherwise. We have also provided vocational training and skill development programs to promote entrepreneurship and improve employability.

Healthcare access: CORE has established healthcare centers and provided medical equipment, supplies, and training to healthcare professionals in rural areas, improving access to healthcare services and reducing the burden of healthcare expenses on low-income families.

Environmental protection: CORE has implemented waste management projects, provided training on sustainable agriculture, and promoted the use of renewable energy sources in rural areas, reducing environmental degradation and promoting sustainable development.

Disaster management: CORE has provided relief and rehabilitation services during natural disasters, including floods and cyclones, ensuring that affected communities receive timely and appropriate assistance.

Overall, CORE’s work has had a significant impact on the lives of rural communities in Odisha, providing access to basic amenities and opportunities for growth and development. Our focus on community-driven and sustainable development has ensured that our impact is long-lasting and meaningful, and we are committed to continuing our work towards creating a positive impact in society.