Our approach

At CORE, our approach to rural development is community-driven, participatory, and sustainable. We believe in involving the local community in the planning and execution of projects, as we recognize that they have a deep understanding of their own needs and challenges.

Our approach involves a four-step process:

Identify the community’s needs and challenges through community consultations, surveys, and research.

Develop a project plan in collaboration with the community, taking into account their feedback and suggestions.

Implement the project with the involvement of the community, ensuring that the project is sustainable and has a long-term impact.

Monitor and evaluate the project’s impact, with regular feedback and input from the community.

We believe that this approach ensures that the projects we implement are relevant to the needs of the community, sustainable, and have a long-term impact. Our focus is on providing access to education, healthcare, and other basic amenities, promoting entrepreneurship and skill development, protecting the environment, and improving infrastructure.

In addition, we collaborate with other organizations and stakeholders to achieve our goals, recognizing that partnerships and collaborations can have a greater impact than individual efforts.

Overall, our approach is community-driven, participatory, and sustainable, and we believe that this approach can create a positive impact in society and promote sustainable rural development.