Name of the Program:“SAJAG SWACH NAGAR AUR GAON”
Main objective:Promotion of preventive behavior and improved access to WASH, to fight against COVID-19
Subject:WASH  (water sanitation and hygiene)
Sponsored by:HBCC (hygiene & behavior change coalition), UK Government & UNILEVER
Supported by:UNICEF – “for every child”
Implemented by:CORE (Cooperation for Rural Excellence)
In Association with:Bhubaneswar Municipal Commisionerate and UMC
Area of operation:67 wards of Bhubaneswar Municipality
Beneficiaries:3260 sanitation workers
Period of coverage:6 months (June 2020 – December 2020) – note: for 5 districts
Period of completion:1 month and 15 days – BBSR Status: completed.
Primary Focus on:COVID -19 related training on maintenance of hygiene, 7 ways of hand wash techniques, proper usage of PPE and maintenance of social distance.
Secondary focus:Motivate the COVID-19 warriors with snacks and coca cola, giving them respect by telling them how important they are for the entire community, and how important it is to protect themselves too.
Strategy:5 Resource persons simultaneously gave training at 5 different locations with 5 different groups, maintaining social distancing, to cover maximum wards in less days, more effectively.                                 
              Ensured full mobilization with support of BMC ward officers, supervisors, partner NGO’s and UMC personnel.
Results:3260 sanitation workers trained efficiently by professional and experienced trainers in Oriya language, with intense motivation to protect themselves and prevent community spread.In a short period of 45 days this was completed, by training 100-150 beneficiaries every day.
Why BBSR ?District slums with low sanitation, notorious for being water supply deficient, hence expected to have high incidence of COVID-19 spread.Less than 25% of households having proper toilets.This District having highest number of slums (436), in the state which inhabits all the 3000 plus sanitation workers who are most vulnerable.
Key places selected:            Community parksGovernment schoolsSlum community centers
Unique features:Involved mass training with proper maintenance of hygiene, wearing of mask by all workers, oath taking at the end and relishing of snacks, made especially for them early morning with cold drinks, specially sponsored by Coca Cola, in collaboration with UNDP.
Recognitions:    Highly appreciated by the Government

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