Who we are

CORE, short for Cooperation for Rural Excellence, is an NGO based in Odisha, India. We are a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to working towards the empowerment of rural communities and marginalized sections of society. Our focus is on sustainable development, and we work towards improving the lives of the rural population by providing education, healthcare, and other basic amenities.

At CORE, we believe in community development, and we involve the people of the community in the planning and execution of projects. We provide access to education and healthcare to all, especially to women and children. We also work towards improving the economic conditions of the rural population by providing them with skill development opportunities and supporting entrepreneurship.

CORE has been authorized to receive foreign funding, and we have a track record of successful implementation of several projects that have brought about positive changes in the lives of the rural population. Our team has vast experience in the field of community development and is dedicated to creating a society where everyone has access to basic amenities and opportunities for growth.

We are committed to promoting sustainable development, protecting the environment, and promoting the rights of marginalized sections of society. At CORE, we work towards achieving our vision and mission through our projects and initiatives, and we are always looking for innovative ways to empower communities and create a positive impact in society.